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Introducing The Big BAM Process to solidify your brand and improve your marketing


Over the past decade, the BAM Create team has been working behind the scenes to help thousands of brands thrive. From startups to corporations, we’ve seen a pattern emerge when it comes to branding and marketing strategies that get results. Now, we’ve distilled those years of marketing experience into a straightforward process that is easy to follow to help people build not just businesses, but brand empires. We’re so excited to share the culmination of all our hard work with you. We call it the Big BAM Process, and it’s available now.

At its core, the Big BAM Process is a clear path to communicating your brand message to your dream clients. A great brand should be able to clearly communicate its brand message in less than 15 seconds (and no rambling allowed). It’s the right balance of information and intrigue to get ideal customers interested in more engagement with you.

Crafting that perfect brand message isn’t easy—but it’s also not impossible. When you immerse your business in the Big BAM Process with our online training, group sessions or live sessions, you’ll be able to view your offerings objectively, overcome blindspots that are easy to develop, highlight your unique value proposition and develop a clear brand message. Your brand message, the first step in the Big BAM Process, is key to taking your brand to new levels of success.

Within the Big BAM Process is the Big BAM Plan. Stay tuned to this blog series and you’ll get a taste of how the Big BAM Plan alone can improve your marketing results. And, if you want to exponentially increase your marketing efforts, going through the full Big BAM Process will do just that.

I am SUPER stoked to finally share the Big BAM Process with the world. I can’t wait to see how it’ll transform the next 1,000 businesses and position you to thrive, too. As you read the series, let me know how it’s going, or ask me a question by emailing me directly at


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