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How to build your brand’s email list through a lead magnet


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A lead magnet is a powerful tool for attracting a targeted audience. It needs to offer excellent value in exchange for their contact information. The lead magnet rewards them for their effort so you get a chance to nurture the potential client into further engagement with your products or services.

A lead magnet can take several forms. For example:

  1. Guides and reports
  2. Cheat sheets or handouts
  3. Toolkits and resource Lists
  4. Video training
  5. Software download or free trial
  6. Quiz or survey
  7. Assessment and testing

It’s important to consider that each person’s email address and name has monetary value. That means it will cost you something in order to get it. The price you pay—AKA your lead magnet—must align with your brand message and the solutions you can provide further down the road.

The lead magnet that will work best for you depends on the goal of your campaign and your brand message. Using the samples above as a guide, I’d advise keeping each lead magnet focused on a single topic. Ideally, it’s a topic you can expand on during your automated nurturing campaign, which will eventually lead to a conversion or sale.

When you’re developing your lead magnet, keep the following three points in mind:

1. Choose a clearly defined objective or topic. You may have a multi-faceted offering, but try to only choose one that addresses the internal struggle or conflict your potential client is having. This will be made clear in your lead capture system.

2. Show the client that you can guide them to the results they are looking for. Demonstrate your authority, credibility and empathy. Show them with just a taste that you understand their problem, and that you have the solution.

3. Lead them into a campaign that further builds trust between your brand and the client. This can be done automatically or through another offer within the lead magnet.

Always be clear and creative with your lead magnet and you’ll be on the right to track to converting better leads into sales. Remember to make sure the lead magnet has high value—because their contact information is valuable, too. Create it to speak to solving your potential client’s internal struggle or conflict so you can demonstrate you’re the best guide to walk with them along this journey.

This is part of a series on simplifying and aligning your brand message with your marketing. Start reading the series from the beginning, or let us know how you’ve been able to implement the tools we’ve discussed.


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