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How to create an automated drip marketing campaign to promote an event


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A drip campaign is a series of automated marketing emails sent to a targeted segment of your contacts with a clear goal. In this blog post, we’re going to look at creating a drip campaign aimed at promoting a webinar or live event. This sample campaign will act as a lead capture and it will send out reminders in the lead-up to the event, ensuring the most engagement possible and great turnout.

The success of a drip campaign needs to execute on the following fundamentals:

1. Create an event that people actually want. If you see a need you can meet through a product or service you offer, create engagement built around this, and use the event as a lead magnet.

2. Remind people of your event. People have busy lives, and one thing we sometimes overlook is that people can lose track or even completely forget about an event they are signed up for. Increase the frequency of reminders the closer it gets to the event. This may vary depending on how far in advance they are signed up. Use your own judgement on what you think is the best frequency for communication with your target audience and event. Here’s one sample approach:

  • They sign up for the event
  • Send them confirmation and have ability for them
    to add event to their calendar
  • Reminder 1: 4-7 days before the event, send first reminder email
  • Reminder 2: 3 days before the event
  • Reminder 3: 1 day before the event
  • Reminder 4: The morning of the event,
    and you keep in mind their timezone.
  • Reminder 5: 1 hour before the event
  • Reminder 6: 30 mins before event
  • Reminder 7: Event is starting now

3. Have a plan for those who miss the event. Sometimes we can do all we can to remind them of an event they were interested in, but life can get in the way. It’s important we don’t assume they are not interested, and we reach out to them to give them another chance to connect with us.

Here are some simple and creative ways we can use this type of automated drip marketing campaign.

1. Live Event: A networking event, training seminar, concert, gala, and so on.

2. Webinars: There are two types of webinars, live and pre-recorded. If you can do a pre-recorded webinar and still communicate high value, then do invest in this asset. You can also use a recorded live event for a pre-recorded session/training/webinar as long as you can strategize that ahead of time and have the proper legal covering to do so.

3. Scheduling an appointment or consultation: Time is valuable and we only have so much of it, but we can prep the client to be the most prepared for the consult. This will also add to positioning yourself as the guide to help solve their struggle.

The event you’re promoting doesn’t just use the list you’ve already created—it also acts as its own lead capture. You’re building your list and creating a captive audience that actually cares about your brand message and offerings.

If you need assistance with your drip strategy or building an effective campaign inside Infusionsoft, we would be happy to help you in any way we can. Just schedule a complimentary consult with us and we’ll go from there.

This is part of a series on simplifying and aligning your brand message with your marketing. Start reading the series from the beginning, or let us know how you’ve been able to implement the tools we’ve discussed.


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