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Are You Tired of Uselessly Spending Thousands of Dollars to Break Through Your Business Plateau?
Sadly 62% of small businesses fail with their advertising campaigns.
Business owners spend thousands of dollars to discover the secret of attracting their ideal clients
Often, these secrets fail because they’re simply re-hashed, untested guesses or people copying people who are also failing. It sounds good, looks flashy, but doesn’t work. The testimonials are fake, the income is fake. Business owners, desperate for results, fall prey to scam after scam after scam, leaving them poor and without the promised results.
Learning the newest hack will never get the results you deserve.
Even if a hack is successful for a short time, it will very quickly run it’s course leaving you right back where you started.
Having a fully aligned brand that will produce consistent results no matter the current state of the internet is exactly how to overcome this never-ending issue.

Here’s the truth: Creating messaging that attracts your best clients requires hard work - there is no “easy button”. Most business owners don’t want to put in the effort.

If you’re sick of not getting the results and are ready to put in the work, then it’s time to implement the tried and tested framework for creating messaging that speaks directly to the heart of your ideal client without manipulation, or sleazy tactics.

The Big BAM Process is tailored for relationship-focused business owners who are ready to do the work to bring their somewhat chaotic vision into sharp clarity.

This process is not designed for anyone who just wants a “That Was Easy!” button, or a get-rich-quick process. This is deep work for legacy-minded people willing to do the work for a long-term result.

Those who are coachable, willing to put their opinions and preconceived ideas aside for the duration of the process are likely to experience a complete metamorphosis for their brand and business.
Results of Taking This Course:
Target your best clients with the right message that calls to them from a deep place of knowing.

State the internal problem your product/service solves - why are they REALLY coming to you? What’s that hidden problem they need solved?

Understand your role as a guide to your clients, rather than the person who has all the answers. You know your clients best, and you know how to lead them to success as a guide, not as a hero.

Take action to help you position yourself correctly in the marketplace, by learning exactly where and how you should be advertising for you specific client and their specific result.

Create signature packages that create results by bringing in quick cash flow and preventing bottlenecks in your business.

Identify your core magnetic Brand Message, as well as where and how you should be sharing it.

Communicate the value of your product/service to your client in a way that makes them stand up and take notice.
Who is Joel?
Joel Kelly, the designer of the Big Bam Process has been a student of branding for 20+ years. He loves a challenge, making the complex simple, and analyzing all sides and variables before determining a path. His years in branding have taught him that most people have no understanding of what branding truly is, and the power branding can wield. When fully aligned between customer and business, magic happens.

The Big Bam framework has been tested on thousands of small business owners with remarkable results - and we’ll prove it by providing you with testimonials below and encouraging you to connect to any of the people yourself to ask them about their experience.
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