RAUCA Ingeniería Eficiente

We created a visual identity for this engineering company in Spain. We also created a simple website for them as well. They are a vibrant group of young engineers, and they were a pleasure to work with on this project.

Jamaican Canadian Association Alberta

We worked with JCAA and board to refresh their visual identity and create apparel that really celebrated the Jamaican local community. We also created a website for them to manage and update. It looks drastically different than what we designed, but it does what they need.

Pulse Fitness

Here is a family that is passionate about helping you stay fit and healthy. Their unique family approach to fitness makes them a force that should not be ignored. Pulse Fitness is no causal gym experience. It’s for those that have the drive to be pushed, challenged, grow to their full potential. They reside in Brooklyn, NY and have had the pleasure of training celebrity athletes to mainstream movie stars, but even if you aren’t… they will still treat you honour and respect.

Lil’ Vibes Music

Lil Vibes is a child music educator. The brand strategy and visual identity was quite fun to create with the client. They play at local daycares(did, not since COVID), and taught music at a local music studio(closed due to COVID restrictions).


Gamer4Wife – Twitch + Youtube Streaming Channel – Logo Design

Las Canarias – Spanish Restaurant

Our favourite restaurant in Calgary. In all started with service and developed into a wonderful friendship. The three owners are very different, but each plays their part. I would say that this is a family business. The warm welcome from Claudio, the detail and passion on the Chef Viktor, and who can forget Florin. You always feel like family here and what a pleasure it was to work with them.

Quiet Hours

The passion for Quiet Hours and team is driven by their love to create music to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. They create experiences that allow for complete immersion without necessarily disrupting the flow of business or opportunities. It allows individual to escape while being in their favourite locations chilling out. No noise pollution, but all the benefits of a great party.

Breakfast Referral Network

This network at the time for me was totally aligned and had a great vision, but the leader lost sight, and tried to be like other networks... This caused confusion with the group and eventually, it deteriorated to nothing. This was sad, but the reality when vision isn't clear.

We worked with the leader to create a clear brand strategy and visual identity, as well as build a website that would allow each member to see what's going on and personalize their profile for free promotion of their services.

Go Juice

We worked with the talented Jordan Castillion. We helped create a brand strategy that was focused on his Keto-centric business. We also created the visual identity, simple website, and automation to increase sales and grow his community. Jordan has not opened up an amazing cafe that focuses on being healthy balanced eating, but not skimping on the taste.

Robby Aurora

This project was a challenge. We had to build two brands that were similar, but focused on two different markets in the same industry. The industry was mortgage brokering. We really enjoyed working with Robby and his team. I personally liked how detailed and driven he was to find a way to get the deal done. His passion and heart to help others were without question and the time we worked together was very rewarding. We did successfully launch both companies and he is doing very well. We are happy for him and his team and counted it a privilege to work with them.